Wall vent TL80D dBr

Wall vent for wall mounting, designed for continuous ventilation of homes.
  • Discreet design
  • Thick condensation protection
  • Multiple filter options
  • Sound-absorbent


Wall vent with a very discreet design. The front piece can be wallpapered or painted. The vent is equipped with thick condensation insulation and filter. Flow is regulated with the front piece, which has a mechanism for changing the opening angle. The front piece is opened at the top edge and forces the air upwards, producing a comfortable distribution pattern even when underfloor heating is used. The vent is also available in a number of sound-absorbent variants.

The acousting ducting with sound reducing function will replace our standard plastic ducting. The sound-absorbent pipe can be easily cut to the right length using a snap-off knife. Standard pipe length 400 mm.

Internal vent part
The internal vent part has thick condensation insulation, a filter, and a front piece that is angled up at the top edge to adjust the flow. The filter is installed in a filter cartridge. The front piece has four opening positions for varying the flow. The distribution pattern has been carefully developed to suit floor heating systems. The vent releases the air upwards and to the sides. Mixture with room air is very effective. Very cooled air reaches a comfortable temperature just a few decimeters from the device.

The vent should be positioned high up on the wall. If there is a radiator, it is best to try to position the vent above this. With this positioning, you utilize the convection flow and achieve the best comfort level. The vent is excellent for use with underfloor heating as it was specially designed for this.

To ensure good air quality and maintained flow, the filter should be cleaned/replaced 1–2 times a year. The standard filter can be washed in a mild soap solution. The pollen and Flimmer filter must be replaced. The filter is installed in a filter cartridge behind the front piece. It is easily removed by releasing the front from the lower attachments and then lifting it up. Pull the filter cartridge straight out from the vent chassis.

A complete series of accessories is available for the vent for further flexibility.
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  • Articlenumber
  • Material
  • Width (mm)
  • Depth (mm)
  • Height (mm)
  • Installation type
    Exterior wall
  • Productname
    Wall vent TL80D dBr
  • Functions
    Condensation protection, Filter, Noise reduction
  • Plastic material detail
  • EtimCode
  • EAN 13