Wall vent TL80F dB

A flexible air vent for wall mounting designed to provide a continuous airflow into the house.
  • Noise-reducing
  • Infinitely adjustable
  • Condensation-protecting design
  • Distribution pattern for underfloor heating
  • Multiple filter options


TL-F is a supply air vent for wall mounting.

TL-F is a wall vent with a very comfortable distribution pattern, mainly designed for floor heating. The internal part is delivered with a replaceable dust & insect filter. The airflow is adjusted by a regulator which is hidden underneath the front cover. TL-F is available in several different soundreducing models.

A complete set contain internal part, adapters, soundreduced wall pipe and external grille.

The internal part has a condensation protected design, filter and a variable precision damper for infinitely adjustment of the airflow. The regulator is hidden underneath the front cover.
The distribution pattern is especially developed to suit floor heating, the vent distributes the air both upwards and sideways. The incoming air is efficiently mixed with the convection flow. Cold incoming air reaches a comfortable temperature even only a decimetre from the vent.

The sound-reduced model has another wall pipe than the standard vent. Besides the dB-pipe the set also contain two cover plates and two short adapters. The soundreduced wall pipe has a standard length of 400mm. The pipe can easily be cut to requested length.

A high placing on the wall is recommended. The vent can with advantage be used in rooms
with floor heating as it has been designed mainly for this solution. If there is a radiator in the room the vent should be placed above it. With this solution the convection flow is used and maximum comfort is achieved.
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  • Articlenumber
  • Material
  • Productname
    Wall vent TL80F dB
  • Plastic material detail
    ABS, PS
  • EtimCode
  • EAN 13