Wall vent F100 dB Thermo

Wall vent designed to provide a continuous airflow into the building/house. The vent is supplied with filter and condensation protection.
  • Thermostat controlled
  • Condensation protection
  • Basic flow
  • Complete accessories series


Air supply vent for wall mounting. The vent is capable of providing the room with large quantities of fresh air without causing draughts. A complete set contain internal part, wall pipes and external grille. The wall pipes are available in two dimensions, Ø99 or Ø102mm. The pipes fit telescopically which provides a flexible join.

The internal part is provided with a standard filter and condensation protection. The vent can easily be open/closed with the pull cord. Minimum-flow can be set by adjusting the setting screw. The distribution pattern can be adjusted by using an air deflector (accessory).

The vent has three filter alternatives; Standard filter (dust & insect filter), Pollen filter and Environmental filter. The sound-reduced model has another wall pipe than the standard. Besides the dB-pipe the vent also contain two cover plates. The pipe length is 400mm as standard but can easily be cut to requested length (max.1200mm).

A high placing is recommended preferably above a radiator. With this solution the incoming air mixes with the convection flow of warm air, ensuring maximum comfort. When using the vent in rooms with underfloor-heating please complement with an air deflector (ensures a better mix of air and prevents draught, accessory). The minimumflow is set by taking off the front cover (from shut position). Insert a small screwdriver into the rim and pull the cover outwards. The vent opening is infinitely variable by adjusting the setting screw.

The vent should be positioned high up on the wall. If there is a radiator, it is best to try to position the vent above this.

With this positioning, you utilise the convection flow and achieve the best comfort level.
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    Wall vent F100 dB Thermo
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