Flow FDX

Decentralized ventilation unit with heat recovery without ducting. Controlled via the App or the Fresh Control Panel accessory.
  • Controlled – via App or Control Panel
  • Installation in the exterior wall – no extra ducting needed
  • Very energy efficient – 3 W (standby 1 W)
  • Reliable – down to -20 °C
  • Heat recovery – up to 85%


Ventilation unit with heat recovery
Fresh Flow takes outgoing heat from the house and reuses up to 85% of it to heat the incoming fresh air. This makes Fresh Flow a climate-smart investment for both you and the environment.

How Fresh Flow works
Fresh Flow works best in pairs mounted in exteriors walls to separate rooms of the same property.
Flow’s powerful Xenion fan runs continuously and automatically changes air direction every 70 seconds. When the fan extracts the stale indoor air, a large proportion of the exhaust air’s thermal energy is captured and stored in the integrated ceramic accumulator. The fan then changes direction for the next 70 seconds in order to vent in the fresh outdoor air passing through the heated ceramic accumulator. The cool outdoor air warms up as it travels through the ceramics to become warm, fresh air that is distributed through the living room or bedroom, for example.

For optimal benefit, two Fresh Flow units can be easily connected via wireless pairing to ventilate with neutral pressure and alternating air direction.

No need for ducting
In order to reach all rooms requiring air exchange, traditional ventilation units use ducts – which take up a lot of space. Installation work is often extensive and the costs high. For this reason, installing a traditional centralised unit in many older houses is expensive, complicated and can often seem “hopeless”.

With Fresh Flow, we are taking a different approach. Fresh Flow enables healthy and energy-smart air exchange, without the need to run a single metre of ventilation ducting. The room units can be easily installed in the property’s “dry” rooms. In other words, directly in the rooms that need ventilation.
The system results in a perfect house with passive ventilation, and has multiple automatic functions that work continuously to achieve optimal ventilation.

Fresh Flow is specially designed for the Nordic market and is suitable for walls with a thickness of 185-310 mm in both wooden and brick houses. The interior section can even be wallpapered and painted over.

Works best in pairs
As a specific measure in selected rooms, we recommend using two Fresh Flow units, which work best in pairs. Alternatively, multiple pairs of units can work together to ventilate all of the “dry rooms” in the property. Personal hygiene rooms in the house are ventilated independently using a bathroom fan, such as Fresh Intellivent Sky, as well as outdoor air balancing by means of a vent in an adjacent hallway or ancillary room.
The system is easy to install and expand – up to 16 units in the property can be controlled via a control panel. General rule: one unit per room or the equivalent of 15m2.
Flow performs the same function as an individual unit, as when installed in pairs.

Wireless control and communication
Fresh Flow is controlled wirelessly via the Fresh Ventilation app or via the Fresh Control Panel accessory.
The frequency at 868 MHz in the system’s wireless network enables communication between the individual ventilation units. The frequency is separate from other RF/Wi-Fi networks and has excellent range. 20 metres indoors up to 250 metres outdoors.

The app and control panel both give you full control over your Fresh Flow system, which means you can control your units to work according to a variety of default operating programs. This allows you to easily customise Fresh Flow to achieve optimal air exchange in the environment you want to ventilate. You can also schedule an individual ventilation program for the different zones in which the unit is installed.
When you want the Fresh Flow units to work together, no complicated ducting is necessary. All communication between the devices takes place completely wirelessly.

Easy installation
You can carry out most of the installation yourself, but electrical installation must be performed by a licenced electrician. Electrical installation is carried out in the inner cabinet and no other control cables or devices are needed to start the system. The inner cabinet, which contains sensors to measure the ambient humidity and temperature, can be mounted externally or recessed in the wall.

You can also perform all maintenance and cleaning yourself.

Fresh Connect Accessories
Because all homes, offices and buildings are different, we offer numerous accessories and optional extras so that you can customise the system to your unique conditions. View optional extras for Fresh Flow under the “Accessories” tab.

The unit is very energy efficient (3 W/standby 1 W), and reliable (down to -20 °C).
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  • Articlenumber
  • Electrical Supply Phase
  • ProtectionIP
    IP 20
  • InsulationClass
  • Maximum capacity (m3/h)
  • Material
    Stainless Steel, Plastic, Ceramic
  • Width (mm)
  • Depth (mm)
  • Height (mm)
  • Installation type
    Wall, Horizontal
  • Productname
    Flow FDX
  • Power consumption(W)
  • Functions
    Run on Timer, Constant Volume
  • SupplyVoltage (V)
    230V AC
  • WirelessOption
    Bluetooth, RF868
  • MotorType
  • EtimCode
  • EAN 13