Fresh FRX 350 TEV is a high-quality heat recovery unit that is designed and manufactured in Sweden. As a result, it satisfies Swedish requirements in terms of quality, serviceability, and ease of maintenance. It also provides the highest energy savings/energy class. Naturally, it complies with the ErP 2018 Directive.
  • Top connection
  • Controls: Complete with control panel
  • Heat recovery: Rotor
  • Postheater: Electric or water heater
  • Accessories: Shutter, batteries, etc.


Fresh rotating heat exchanger, top connection, after heater: electric, supply air left

Unit with top connection.

The FRX series is made of alu-zinc plate. The casing in insulated with 50 mm mineral wool. The unit can therefore be positioned in cold spaces:

The unit comes with an ePM1 60% (F7) filter for supply air and ePM10 60% (M5) filter for exhaust air. A filter alarm is issued via time in the control panel.

The unit comes with EC motors. The speed is set individually for the supply air and exhaust air fan.

Heat exchanger
The effective rotating heat exchanger, with efficiency of up to 85%, minimises the need for additional heat. No drainage connection is needed. The unit tries to reach the desired temperature via the rotating heat exchanger. If this is not enough, the built-in electric postheating battery or the external water battery covers the remaining need. A complete accessories package if available for the water batteries for effective control.

The unit can be controlled based on supply air regulation, with or without outdoor air compensation, or exhaust air regulation. In the summer, when heat recovery is not required, the rotor stops and thereby provides cooler air to the property (free cooling).

Control of ventilation based on need is possible using sensors for e.g. CO2, relative humidity and pressure.

It is also possible to control the unit via the built-in timer.

The unit can also communicate via the Modbus protocol.

The automation box is easily accessible as it sits on the outside of the unit. Thus, there is no need to open the unit to connect sensors, etc.

Control panel
All programming is carried out with the supplied control panel, which is also used to read data from sensors and any alarms

Capacity: Max 350 l/s at 150 Pa
Dimensions: L=1400 mm, W=800 mm, H=1400 mm
Connection dimensions: Ø 250 mm
Weight: 285 kg
exhaust air - 448 W / 2.80 A
supply air - 448 W / 2.80 A
Max. power consumption: 5.9 kW / 12.8 A (with electric battery)
Voltage: 3-phase, 400 V
Thermal efficiency: 81%
Insulation: 50 mm
Filters: ePM1 60% (F7) / ePM10 60% (M5)

For exact information for different operating scenarios, use Fresh Designer. Fresh Designer can be downloaded via the Download tab.

Quick facts
• Top connection
• Controls: Complete with control panel
• Heat recovery: Rotor
• Postheater: Electric or water heater
• Accessories: Shutter, batteries, etc.
• High-performance rotating heat exchanger
• 50 mm insulation in the casing
• Energy-efficient EC motors
• Ability to regulate based on need
• Communication with Modbus via RS-485
• Individual setting of supply air and exhaust air flow
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