A family can generate 10 litres of water each day

All air contains moisture, most of which we contribute ourselves by simply going about our daily lives. A family of two adults and two children, for example, can add between 7 and 10 litres of water a day; however, outdoor air also contains a great deal of moisture depending on the season, weather and where in the country you live.

Normal sources of increased indoor humidity:

• human and animal exhalation
• washing-up, laundry, showers and other wet cleaning
• cooking
• evaporation from plants and aquariums
• humidifiers, moisture-generating machinery
• leaks and damp

If damp air is not ventilated it can create moisture problems; for example, through condensation on windows or other cooler surfaces in the home leading to damage from damp and mould.

Signs of poor ventilation

• fatigue
• headaches

In order to avoid issues with damp, it is especially important to maintain good ventilation in wet rooms and bedrooms.